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Probate Services
The process of applying for probate through a solicitor is simpler than making a personal application. Only solicitors can apply directly to the Probate Registry, other companies offering probate services are only able to complete the forms on your behalf, you will still have to make a personal appearance at the probate registry. We can offer three levels of service, completing the forms on your behalf, obtaining the probate on your behalf, or our full estate administration service.
Estate taxation
One way our full estate administration service is different from a provider merely offering to complete the forms is our expertise in dealing with the taxation of estates. It is important that the correct information is supplied to the Revenue in the first place, and the correct reliefs and discounts applied. The interrelationship between inheritance tax and capital gains tax is often overlooked during the administration, as to whether it is better for the assets to be sold within the estate or by the beneficiaries.
Deeds of Variation
It is possible to vary an estate within two years of the date of death. If a beneficiary wants to pass their share to someone else, for example their children, they can do so and for inheritance tax purposes it is considered to pass under the will rather than a lifetime gift by the beneficiary. You can also vary into a trust.
Probate Disputes
Increasingly, estates are being contested. We can advise executors if they believe an estate might be contested. We can also advise privately funded clients considering whether to challenge a will. If we cannot deal with your matter we can refer you to solicitors who specialise in complex litigation.
Continuing Trusts
Where a trust arises under the terms of a will we can provide assistance with the administration of the trust including providing accounts, completing tax returns, advice on changing trustees, and on winding up the trust. We also have links with investment brokers, financial advisors, and accountants.
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